Monday, October 10, 2011

My 25th Birthday - Slovakia Style

So I turned the big 2-5 a couple weeks ago. For those that know me know I LOVE birthdays. I don't know what it is, but I love being celebrated as well as celebrating others. I feel guilty whenever I forget a friend's bday or miss a new friend's day because no one told me. Some people like to keep to themselves and are not big on partying. But that is totally NOT acceptable when you're with me. I don't like to embarrass people or anything but I do want them to feel special. This is definitely an instance where I treat others how I want to be treated. ;) Since most people aren't like me when it comes to birthdays, on a few occasions I have planned my own birthday party. That was the case this year.

My roommate Miška had just moved in the weekend before my big day and I was still getting to know my team here in Košice, so I took it upon myself to plan a party. We used it as a birthday and housewarming party since most of our friends hadn't been to our apartment yet. To let you know how amazing my roommate and my new friend Zuzka are- on my birthday the girls let me get ready and look beautiful while they decorated with balloons and prepped for the party. Here are some pictures from my wonderful week-long birthday celebration.

On Monday, Miška and I went to our friends Biba and Jarka's apartment. While Miška (R) and Biba (L) worked on something for work, Jarka and I watched the old "Sabrina" movie with Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart.

On Wednesday a package arrived from Texas. My freshman Bible study leader Laura and her husband Jason sent me a care package with a ton of amazing goodies, including enchilada sauce and salsa from San Antonio. Yum!
On Thursday night I went to dinner with Annette, the girl I stayed with the month of August. We had some great Polish food and ended the evening with Coca-Cola floats.

Saturday night Miška and I went out on the town. First we started at a cafe where I had a delightful cappuccino and she had tea. Then we wandered around town and found a folk band playing at a wine festival. Miška loves folk music and dancing. Somehow we managed to get free wine and cheese. We ended the evening with dancing. Nobody else was dancing but we didn't care. The picture above was taken after our fun hour of dance.
Sunday the 25th was the big day. 25 on the 25th! This is Zuzka. She made me a special cheesecake with chocolate sauce in the shape of a heart. I love this girl!
These are 3 of my favorite people in Košice- (from R to L) Zuzka, Miška and Biba
I'm wearing the scarf they & some of the others got me. Ready for the cold weather now!

These are just some of the birthday week adventures I had and, man, were they fun! To a fabulous year of being 25!