Wednesday, April 25, 2012

it's sanctification, baby!

That thought comes to mind often. 

This year has been quite a year for me. I have learned to make a quiet time with the Lord a priority and a lot of things have been changing within me. Moment of honesty: I used to "hide" from the Lord. (Of course, you can never really hide from God.) I avoided reading the Bible because I fully believed Hebrews 4:12 and I knew that it would call for change. I didn't want to change. I went to church every week and got all my Bible teaching from the pastor, taking just enough to get by for the week.

After everything that happened in Slovakia and the move to Hungary, I needed to do something different. Clearly my way of having a quiet time every once in a while wasn't working. Something needed to change. When I moved in with the STINT girls in Budapest, I saw how they read their Bible every day. I was curious. Even after growing up in the church and watching my grandma study the Bible every day, I still hadn't learned the importance of daily reading. (That's probably not true, considering everywhere I turned someone was talking about it.)

Earlier this year, God walked me through Biblical forgiveness. It was amazing. I had never handled a situation in this way before. I wrote out what I wanted to tell them and felt total peace about it. I didn't have any expectations for a response from them; but I knew that in order for full forgiveness to come, I needed to tell them I forgave them. Fortunately, God granted me a godly HR person to go this conversation with me, and through his help I did get a response and even discussed more than I originally planned. I left that Skype call feeling free- free from all bitterness and unforgiveness and free to move on from the situation. I knew that we handled the conflict well and Biblically.

Now God has given me an opportunity to walk through Biblical reconciliation. Like when I first began on the journey to forgiveness a few months ago, I don't know where to start. Pray that I can handle this well. It would be such a beautiful blessing if reconciliation could come. I know God has a plan and brought this person back into my life at this time for a reason.

If you have ever handled reconciliation, how did you do it? Did it go well? Is there anything you would have done differently?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

tales from the library

Part of what I do in Budapest is help in the library at the International Christian School of Budapest, especially in the afternoon when the elementary kids come. Yesterday I was checking out books to the 2nd graders. One of the cutest little boys (okay- they're all cute!) brought his books up to the desk. He had a book named Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. This was our conversation.

Me: That's probably a good idea- not letting a pigeon drive a bus.
2nd grade boy: Why not?
Me: Can you imagine a pigeon driving a bus in Budapest?
Boy: But there are other pigeons that drive a bus. His uncle drives a bus and he's a pigeon.
He shows me the page and reads about the uncle driving the bus.
Me: Well, I don't want to ride in a bus with a pigeon driving. Can you drive a bus?
Boy: Me?
Me: Yes, you.
Boy: Sure. It's easy. You just push the peddle to go. And if there's a turn in the road, you yell out the window and tell the road to turn!

Little boys are the greatest, aren't they?! I love his imagination. These are the types of conversations I have while working in the library. It's the best job!

By the way, I think a pigeon might be able to drive a bus better that some of the bus drivers I've ridden with in Europe. Ha!