Wednesday, May 23, 2012

reasons why I love my job

Working at a school is FUN! Especially a K-12 Christian school- reminds me of my school days. *sigh* These are some of my day-to-day jobs.

A couple weeks go was the high school musical. They did "Fiddler on the Roof," and man are those kids talented! The main guy who played Tevye, a senior named Justin who's going to Texas A&M next year, got so into the performance that early on in the show he fell backstage and then did the rest of the show with a bloody arm and a limp. Never missed a step!

The week of the musical is craziness! Every body helps out in any way they can. Normally I only work on MWF, but I came in Thursday just to help with the musical. I spent my day ironing costumes and sewing aprons and yarmulkes (the little hat things Jewish men wear- who knew it was spelled like that?!).

The next week I was back to my "normal" work. In the morning I'm usually at the disposal of the middle school principal. One day she has me making copies to help her get ahead for her classes next year, and the next I'm decorating a bulletin board called "A Day in the Life of a Middle Schooler."

In the afternoon, I help in the library while the lower grades come in to hear a story and check out books. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders are hilarious! (As I've told you in a past post.) It's so interesting to watch the difference in attitudes in the different grades. The 1st graders are sweet but they always leave the library a mess! The 2nd graders are just kooky, and we always have to tell them to speak English, since most of the them are Hungarian. Then there are the 3rd graders. You can tell they all want to be grown up and mature. They leave the library pretty neat and always take out a ton of books. The girls are SO OVER the boys' antics. ;)

Every Friday I grade homework for the middle school science teacher. He always has stacks to do because he gives so much work to his 4 classes. It been a good way to learn the kids names, but unfortunately it doesn't help with faces.

And now for today- I graded math tests that determine which kids should do Pre-Algebra next year. I taped library fine memos on the middle school lockers. I checked in all those 3rd grade books. :) And now I'm off to make copies of the middle exam schedule.

See? My job is awesome and I love it! I'll forever remember this semester of grading and bulletin boards and laminating (SO much laminating!). And I've got the yearbook to help me remember.